Phone on fire in bed

According to a National Sleep Foundation poll , 45 percent of parents and 30 percent of children sleep with a tablet or smartphone in the bedroom.

Leaving phone charger on your bed could lead to house fire, NSAI warns - cavuvoti.ml

Of that group surveyed, 28 percent of parents and 35 percent of children admitted to sometimes leaving their devices on at night. But phone chargers themselves should always be kept out of your bed if you're looking to exercise fire safety best practices.

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Want to stay safe without banishing your devices from the bedroom? Take the following safety precautions the NFPA recommends:. And don't forget: According to the same National Sleep Foundation poll, children who always turned off their electronic devices — or kept them out of the bedroom — reported improved sleep quality over those who sometimes kept their devices on. Forty five percent of children who kept devices away from their bedroom reported excellent sleep patterns, whereas only 22 percent of children who kept devices close by got an excellent night sleep regularly.

Looks like turning your bed into a no-phone zone can do more than help you catch some ZZZ. Sponsored By.

Charging Your Phone In Bed As You Sleep Is Very, Very Dangerous

Share this —. Last year, Dublin Fire Brigade issued a similar warning to the public about leaving plugged-in chargers unattended after a blaze in Castleknock. Read More: Mobile phone charger sparks house fire. Don't buy cheap, unbranded chargers and make sure chargers are compatible to the device being used. Don't leave things to charge overnight or beyond the recommended charging time as stipulated in the instructions.

Paul Williams The collapse of the prosecution case against Patrick Hutch for the alleged murder of drug dealer David Byrne undoubtedly represents a major setback for the gardai who have been battling valiantly to Leaving phone charger on your bed could lead to house fire, NSAI warns The damage caused by a phone charger fire in Dublin last month The damage caused by a phone charger fire in Dublin last month.

Dublin Fire Brigade also issued a warning to the public on the danger of using chargers on beds.

Three Reasons Why You Should NOT Sleep With Your Cell Phone in Bed

The damage caused by a phone charger fire in Dublin last month. Exclusive Pictured: Paul Williams: Courts 'A total shock to the whole community' - murder investigation launched as man Paul Costelloe reveals collection ahead of London Fashion week show "In times like Also in Irish News.

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