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The gold hoop you need to bounce the ball through looks more like a slider. Using the screenshot below as reference, move the ball to the correct height for each hoop and release. Solve the riddle written on the note on the stump. Add the ingredients in the following order:. Find the missing pieces of the Flint and the Stick. Find the missing pieces of the Key and the Scuba Mask. Once the Key has been completed, take a closer look at the truck on the lower left. Use the Key on the glove box to open it, then collect the final piece of the Scuba Mask inside.

Use the Scuba Mask on the water at the edge of the dock. Collect the 10 Coins that are underwater. You only have a limited amount of time. The coin locations are random.

General Tips & Tricks

Now take a closer look at the green door on the upper right. Use the Levers on the door to trigger a minigame. Click on the levers in the correct order to unlock the door. Using the screenshot below as reference, the correct order to open the door is as follows: Find the missing pieces of the radio scattered around the room. Place the Earphones , the Microphone , the Switch , and the Cable in the correct locations, shown below.

Find the missing pieces of the Handle and the Hook. Click on the Handle to hoist the crate. Click and hold, moving your cursor clockwise within the circle to operate the crank. A note will be revealed beneath the crate. Take a closer look at the red box near the painting on the right and solve the clues on the note to open the box.

The solution is Find the missing pieces of the Blowtorch , the Crowbar , the Wrench , and the Lighter. The Lighter will automatically combine with the Blowtorch to light it once both items are assembled. Now to escape. Take a closer look at the porthole between the crate with the scrolls on top and the horse statue.

Use the Wrench to remove the bolts around the porthole, clicking and holding as you rotate your cursor counterclockwise within the circle. The bolt on the bottom right is stuck and will require the Blowtorch in order to be removed. Find the pieces of Rope , Wood , and the Hammer. Use the Hammer on the chock holding the barrel in place on the right. Use the Ladder on top of the barrel to access the balcony. Take a closer look at the Old Drawing in your inventory. Click on the arrows at the bottom and on the right of the close-up to fold the drawing.

The order in which you need to click them is shown below, along with the puzzle solution. Locate the pieces of the Lens and the Mirrors. Find the missing pieces of the Shovel and the Machete. You will need to use the completed Machete to reveal the location of the last piece of the Shovel hidden beneath the bush.

Take a closer look at the top of the lighthouse. Place the Mirrors into the square brackets on either side and the Lens into the circular ring in the middle. Click on all three so that they reflect the light in the center. The correct positions are shown below. Once the light is active, use the Shovel on the location it reveals in the sand. Find the pieces of the Metal Plate , the Nails , and the Hammer.

Use the Hammer on the hole to smooth out the edges. Place the Metal Plate over the hole, followed by the Nails. Use the Hammer to secure the patch in place and complete the repair. Find the differences between the two paintings. The differences are shown below. Find the missing pieces of the Pipes and the Fuel Tank. Zoom in on the basket of the balloon on the lower right. Place the Fuel Tank and the Pipes on the side of the basket.

Click on the sections of pipe to rotate them. The goal is to attach the fuel tank to the pipe on the upper right.


Not all pieces of the pipe need to be used. The puzzle solution is shown below. Cross the desert using the hot air balloon. To control it, click and hold the arrow of the compass on the lower right. The direction the compass arrow points is the direction the air balloon will move. The goal is to reach the temple on the other side of the desert. Use the map below to plot your journey.

The recommended path is marked below. Find the missing pieces of the stone Fox , Horse , Camel , and Lion. A secret compartment will open, shown within the square in the screenshot above. Click on it to play a puzzle minigame. Click on the circles to rotate them so that the Fox , Horse , Camel , and Lion are in the same positions in the center of the puzzle are they are on the surrounding ruins.

The puzzle is randomized, however the solution is the same:. Time to navigate the desert again. Control the balloon by moving the compass needle in the lower right corner. The direction the needle is pointing is the direction the balloon will float. Use the map below to find the best route to help you navigate to the nearby town. Find the missing pieces of clothing and saddlery Kate needs. Practice racing the camel across the desert. The camel will run on its own. The only thing you need to worry about is the circle in the lower right corner. Watch the circle carefully. You will need to do this as soon as the text appears, every time it appears in order to finish the Training course successfully.

If you need more practice, click on the Training sign in the upper right corner again. See the Mouse Locations section if you need help. Find the missing Planks , Bricks , and Bowl. Use the Planks on the doorway to create a door. Zoom in on the opening in the side of the dwelling.

Use the Water on the contents of the bucket at the bottom of the close-up, then use the Bricks on the close-up to trigger a puzzle. Place the Bricks into the hole to fill it. Drag bricks into the empty slot to line them up. You will need to use all the bricks. Take a closer look at the portable burner and the cutting board on the rooftop. Place the Tea Set above the cutting board. Place the Tea Strainer on top of the tea set pitcher and the Kettle on top of the burner.

Put the Tea Leaves on the cutting board and use the Knife to chop them up by clicking within the circle that appears. Once chopped, the Tea Leaves will return to your inventory. Use them on the kettle filled with water on top of the burner to brew the tea. Once brewed, pour the contents of the kettle into the pitcher with the strainer, and finally, use the pitcher filled with tea to fill the red and white teacups. Find your way out of the underground maze. Use the arrow buttons in the lower left and right corners of the screen to control Mortimer, allowing him to walk left or right.

The entire maze will be dark, only allowing you to see the area immediately around Mortimer. Will the two ever see each other again? Find the pieces of the Bucket , the Blunt Shears , the Rock , and the Broom scattered throughout the area. Now the Shears are sharp enough for the next part of your task. Use the Shears to trim the garden on the left, right, and around the gazebo.

100 Floors Walkthrough

Once finished, use the Broom to sweep up the mess. Find the pieces of the Rope and Hose , as well as the Carrots. Once found, attach the Hose to the right side of the well and the Rope to the donkey. Place the Carrots in front of the donkey to coax it into moving, filling the bowl with water. Find the pieces of the Dust Beater and the Cloth. Once assembled, use the Dust Beater to clean the couches and the curtains. Click multiple times within the circle that appears to use the item.

Use the Cloth to clean the dirty floor. Swipe back and forth within the circle that appears to use the item. Find the pieces of the Key and the Shovel. Next, use the Shovel to dig out the front of the wing. Use the Key to open the door to the plane. Inside, click through the materials on top of the log book until you come to the torn page with a list of numbers.

Flip the switches into the correct positions to start the engine. The puzzle solution is shown below:. Place the Firewood in front of the dog, then light it with the Matches. Use the Empty Bowl on the fountain to fill it with Water , then place it over the fire in front of the guard dog.

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Next, collect the Flowers around the garden using the Glove from your inventory. You can only pick up one at a time. Every time you pick a Flower , put it in the pot of water in front of the dog. Repeat this using all the roses in the garden to eventually put the dog to sleep. Use the Duct Tape to repair the hole in the hose. Next, zoom in on the Jeep. Drop the Soap into the bucket of water.

Use the Sponge on the bucket of suds and start washing the Jeep by swiping back and forth in the circle that appears. Finally, click on the faucet to turn the water on to the hose. Use the Hose to rinse the Jeep. Find the Lock Pieces scattered throughout the area. Take a closer look at the circular slot in the door. Use the Lock Pieces on the slot to trigger a puzzle. Click on the circles on the right to rotate the rings.

The smallest circle rotates the smallest ring, the medium circle rotates the center ring, and the largest circle rotates the largest ring. Rotate the rings until all the symbols are in the correct positions. The puzzle solution is pictured here:. Find the pieces of the phonograph — the Horn , the Record , and the Crank. Once all the pieces have been found, use the Horn , the Record , and the Crank on the phonograph on the table on the right.

Take a closer look at the phonograph. Click on the dial to find the correct tone needed to shatter the glass. The correct solution is Once selected, rotate clockwise within the circle that appears to operate the handle and play the music, freeing Kate. Ah, back at the museum! Once assembled, use the Dolly Cart to cart away the piles. Use the Feather Duster to remove the cobwebs.

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Swipe back and forth within the circle that appears to dust. He is interested only in you. It is utterly beguiling, as the many fans of his short lectures on the art of love, delivered in First Dates , already know. And yet beneath this warmth and gloss lies a mind like a steel trap. He is able to take the very emotional business of working front of house and break it down into functions and systems.

There are key touch points in it that have to be managed. In a smaller restaurant perhaps it is three. As is the often the case, much of his story is happenstance. School did not suit him and when a friend announced he was going to catering college, Sirieix followed. While he did some training in the kitchen, and believes he could still work a service as a cook if they were desperate, he soon specialised in working front of house.

That was 24 years ago. Since then he has worked everywhere from Le Gavroche to Sartoria and the Bluebird Cafe, before joining up with the Galvin brothers 10 years ago. Sirieix readily acknowledges that the British often look down upon working as a waiter. Of the 45 front of house staff at Galvin at Windows, only two are British.

So a few years ago, he launched National Waiters Day — it takes place in October this year — to celebrate the job and attract talent into hospitality. I want to change perceptions about being a waiter. The problem lies with the schools and the parents. Viewers of First Dates know that however lightly he wears it, his own rucksack is full.

Why did he decide to do television? He gives a brilliantly Gallic shrug. I looked carefully at it and became sure it was a good programme at heart. He smiles. How do you get the best table? Explain it in a clear and chronological manner. Somebody working front of house needs to be able to listen to customers and put themselves in their shoes. Is the customer always right? The times when the customer is not always right are so rare that they are not even worth mentioning. There are words and phrases that no waiter should ever say to a customer.

They are: Define the best kind of customer Any customer is good.

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I like people. There are those who come by themselves once a year and those who come three times a week. They are all deserving of good service. What is the worst type of customer? Sometimes people are plain rude, inconsiderate or ignorant. But this is not because they are in a restaurant.

This is because they are people. These people are not well. One was using foul language. I spoke to them and they topped. Are there any red lines for customers?

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If a customer is drunk and is touching a member of staff inappropriately, if they are using foul language or if their behaviour becomes threatening, then that is unacceptable. What do you think of phones in restaurants? In the future, possibly phones will come with health warnings.

People are taking pictures of food but they are not talking to each other. If they are using flash and it is irritating others then yes, I would intervene. When you work front of house you have to use good sense when deciding to get involved. Many people find service charges and tipping confusing. Do you agree? Yes, it would be good if you could include service in the price of the meal.

But then the price would increase and there would be tax implications. Are waiters paid enough in Britain? No, but I feel the same way about teachers and those who work for the NHS. But both pay and working conditions for waiters are improving. You should become a waiter because …? It opens doors to so many things. You can travel the world as a waiter. Danielle Thompson smiles a lot. Or maybe a tray of main courses being dropped. She goes on: All basic principles but oft forgotten in restaurants. The year-old Thompson has risen very high, very quickly.

She graduated in genetics from University College London and most of her fellow students were destined for jobs in research. The social aspect of this, the camaraderie. Thompson says simply: The restaurant, which first opened in , suddenly became the most desirable spot in London once again. The renowned seafood, especially oysters served from the marble-topped crustacea bar, was part of the draw, but it was the frictionless service that kept the very rich and the very famous coming back again and again.

Not that it has all been smooth: Thompson gives credit to Caring for being open to the idea and she hopes that her experience will be helpful to other women in a similar position.