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In this blog I write tutorials and articles related to coding, app development, android etc. How to view all the images in my mysql database rather than search for the id? Can you help me? Stay tuned.. I am having database in wamp server When i upload from emulator it is working fine but when when i run it on my phone and give upload it is not working please help me to resolve this. Hi Belal Khan, I try my way to retrieve image file and store them into array along with other data type such as name, username, etc and parse them to JSON, my JSON now contains base64 string image, is this a good practice?

Android Studio Tutorial - 67 - Download Image Using AsyncTask

I found it will be lag if obtain multiple images at once, so should I follow your way to obtain image one by one? I have followed your tutorial here is my problem when i enter a id number in the search field then nothing happend, i have stored a picture in my database LONGBLOB. I have stored the name of image in database and uploaded the image on web server so how do I get the lnik of image to display in the application.

These are the URLs for your images stored in db.

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Because the images are stored in blob format you cannot have a direct path to the file. My images are stored on biz. I want to know what link should I store in database to fetch images from the server. You have to store the actual path to your images in your database.. You can see this tutorial http: Hi Belal bro I am also following your code for uploading and downloading the image from server. I have done uploading successfully but i want download that image also but downloading is not happening.

I copied all your code for image uploading to server and also same table with same names but it does not work. O am using xamp as server. Plz suggest me what to do i have an important project for which image uploading is a part.

Downloading An Image From The Server And Displaying It On Screen

Check this tutorial https: You have to check the previous tutorial about uploading images https: I have problem. In that i receive null. Hi sir, i want to see only the codes for fetching images just like what I have watched in your demonstration in youtube. This will help me a lot.

Android Image Retrieve App

Image is successfully uploaded and also stored in database but not displayed in upload folder, what can i do? Is it possible to click on an item XYZ of the listViewItem not to see the item XYZ in more detail, but to connect to another mysql-table so to show in a new listview all the rows referring to the item XYZ? Both display correctly starting from the MainActivity, but I cannot start the second clicking on an item of the first. Uploading is working fine,but when i enter id to view image I am not getting image. I have followed your tutorial , my problem when i enter id in the search field then n I am not getting image,.

First I tried to upload image using your code and it worked great but now when I am trying to fetch the image using your code its not working. It is not showing any error but i am not getting the image on imageview, plzz help me.. Hi Belal Khan, Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge, I have a question I want the button is in an activity and that giving click send him to another activity in which the image is displayed.

Hello sir.. I have a doubt regarding displaying image in android app based on range of data stored in a table. I mean we have to display different image for different range of data in table. Iam using Android Version 5. Please clarify my doubt.

Downloading image from server to android device | AndroidPIT Forum

Thanks in advance. Hi shashi, I am facing the same problem. Can you guide me in clearing this problem. Hello, I m Vaibhav. But when i try to upload an image with size of only 65KB or even higher ex. I have also experimented changing the blob with other types such as longblob, mediumblob but it is not helping. Sometimes the app is crashing when trying to upload an image with size of KB. Please help on this. Any help will be appreciated. Hi, good tutorial…. I think u dont need to set the header in the php since we are echoing the image as a base64 string.

This was causing me problems in my retrieval of the image. If it helps please reply. You have made great series but in my case image should be fetched when the app starts and can also be display offline without downloading, it is user based app. The uploading part executed successfully. But while performing the fetching part i got thus error.

Now, open your MainActiviy. Make sure that you need to change the database credentials and the query string according to your own database structure MainActivity. SuppressLint; import android. Bitmap; import android. BitmapFactory; import android. AsyncTask; import android. StrictMode; import android. Bundle; import android.

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AppCompatActivity; import android. AndroidRuntimeException; import android. Base64; import android. Nov 17, 9: If it still doesn't work, I wish to see the error in your logcat in a reply. Nov 17, I changed the exception and now it says the exception was caused by a NullPointerException in the "in.

It means that the OpenHttpConnection function returns null. Do you have any suggestions for me? If you've done that, run your app and keep a close eye on your logcat. If you're using Android Studio, a blue line should pop up with the name "getResponseCode" along with a number. Make a screenshot of the line or copy and paste it in a reply to see if the HTTP connection could reach the image on your website.

If a blue line doesn't pop up, it means that it should most likely work. A valid connection means response code if I'm not mistaken.

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I did what you told me and now I get these error messages: The blue line of error is the row where "httpConn. Oh yeah, of course. You're trying to make a connection on your main thread which is your UI thread. AsyncTask is made to let a piece of code run on a different thread to prevent UI lag and performance of your app. For more information about AsyncTasks: Android Docs. Nov 17, 1: I changed what you asked me but now it seams that the function onPostExecute is never activated.

For not having an error on doInBackground function I created a Long and gave it the value 0 and returned it. How can I get the onPostExecute to be called? In the constructor of onPostExecute, replace Long It would look like this:. Nov 17, 2: