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We have been covering everything related to Symbian since the very beginning i. Although it was officially discontinued by Microsoft in , we still cover whatever new and interesting pops up about this amazing mobile OS. As a matter of fact there are still a large number of active Symbian users around the world especially in developing countries of Asia, Africa, South America. Unfortunately there is no official support available for Symbian now. Nokia Store is no more replaced by a useless app store , Nokia services like Nokia Music, Sync etc have stopped working, even various Nokia websites have gone offline and most Symbian apps have not been updated since ages.

Due to these facts, it is now harder than ever to get Symbian related stuff.

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So we have created this page as a platform for Symbian users to share whatever they have and get whatever we have. For your information we have a huge collection of Symbian goodies! Thus it is kind of an archive or collectible page for Symbian fans around the world.

Top 25 Freeware for S60 5th Edition

All paid apps are cracked and fully working. Some compatible with S60 2nd Ed.

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S60v2 phones like Nokia N70, N72 etc while most others are for S60 3rd. Nokia phones. Download all in a ZIP file. Note that from July 20, onwards WhatsApp is not working in Symbian S60 phones — so functionally the sis files are useless now. Note — This page is constantly under development — more links will be added shortly so check out regularly.

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This article is incredible. I am very very very crazy for Symbian — imagine that I am now using my Nokia classic to write this comment. I never thought and never would of buying any Android or iOS phones sorry not phones I mean rubbish. I hope you continue supporting Symbian. The number of Homescreen pages is limited only by available memory.

Want to show multiple email accounts or weather forecasts for more than one city? The Homescreen also gains an improved Widget Manager configuration interface that provides a rich UI for downloading new Homescreen widgets. Widgets gain the ability to extend their UI, for example when the user selects a widget. The extended UI can be any size and is displayed on top of other widgets as a floating element. What are the changes you're asking yourself?

Symbian users should check out new app store – SiStore

The latest phones can do almost everything your set-top box or PC can — only you can fit it in your pocket! With HDMI Output, this is easy — just plug your phone into your TV and see your movies and photos on a screen measuring feet, not just inches! And movies arent the end of the story - just think about the possibilities of big screen gaming. See track and artist names and browse your music collection direct from the screen on your Bluetooth headset or remote control. Change playlist without having to take your device out of your pocket. The technology behind this is v1.

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Ever heard a great song on the radio and wanted to know what it was or buy it then and there? Music store plug-ins can be supplied by a device creator or carrier or downloaded and installed by the user themselves. With the Podcatcher app in place you'll always have something new to listen to. A new 2D and 3D graphics architecture paves the way for a faster and more engaging user interface by enabling hardware acceleration of all graphics operations.

Applications such as Photos take full advantage to enhance their look and feel, integrating effects such as fades and transitions between their various screens. Semi-transparent UI elements are supported, great for example when overlaying controls or notifications onto video during playback. Combined with industry-standard OpenGL ES, the new architecture also provides a great platform for high performance games — all without slowing the phone down. And all these features can scale to the capabilities of the hardware, allowing everything from simpler, cheaper phones to feature-rich, high-end devices.

One of the most annoying things on Symbian S60 is the networking issue. It delivers a consistent and simple experience across all network-aware applications, streamlining the UI to remove all unnecessary prompts and dialogs. New global settings allow the user to configure platform-wide behaviour, for example ensuring the device automatically switches from cellular to WLAN when a free WLAN network is available.

An application is able to indicate that it has particular service requirements such as high bandwidth eg for speedy video upload or jitter control eg for smooth streaming of internet radio. By you must ask yourself, "what? This future-proofs the platform ready for the high bandwidth 4G networks that will roll out over the next few years.

This industry-leading architecture provides a great basis for VoIP, audio and video streaming and efficient use of high bandwidth networks of all kinds. With it come the twin promises of more powerful devices and better battery life. Multicore devices are designed to provide a path to increasing the amount of available processing power in a device without increasing battery consumption. It has been proven in other architectures than ARM that running a number of relatively low-spec cores can provide a similar level of processing power to a single high-spec core but with a greatly reduced energy budget.

This opens the way for much more powerful mobile devices that can still live within the battery usage constraints inherent in the mobile world, and of mobile devices similar in processing power to those of today but with markedly better battery life. So what have we got?

Install Unsigned Apps - Belle, Refresh & FP1 - Symbian ^3, Anna, S60V5 & S60V3 - Juampy CarLegui

There's no doubt that the old Symbian S60 is getting nearer it's "End of life" and we need a new blood when there are so many other open OS's such as Android. Email me at: Current version status So what's the new OS status? Are we doomed to wait for it for a long time?

Top 25 Freeware for S60 5th Edition

Single tap interaction model no more "tap to select, tap again to action". Multi-Touch gesture support Probably the most desirable feature most users are looking for. Improved memory management A better and improved memory management achieved through writeable data paging , leaves more free RAM for applications. A faster and improved user interface The iceing of the cake for many is a better and faster, much faster, UI User Interface.