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About Author. Consent I give xda-developers permission to collect and use my data submitted in this form. Subscribe Now. February 20, There were some precautions that needed to be taken before the water activities took place, like for instance making sure all the access ports were securely closed to prevent water ingress. Personally, I always did it with my phone.

MultiROM Available for the Sony Xperia Z and OnePlus One

However, one day, my Xperia Z simply stopped working. I decided to have a close look at the ports which had multiple water detecting strips to see if maybe I had forgotten to close the lids as per manufacturer instructions. The water indicators were white as snow, which means that either the device was failing for a different reason or water had gone in through a different place. Upon closer inspection of the device, I noticed that the back glass panel of the phone was raised and could actually be pressed back into place only for it to pop up again.

The area was right around where the processor was placed a Snapdragon S4 Pro and it was no surprise as there were reported overheating issues with the device.

Unlocking Xperia Z1 Breaks Camera, Moto Droid Devices Rooted

Upon closer inspection, I found that the glass on the back was warped, likely because of the heat coming from the chipset, which also likely loosened the glue thus compromising seals in place to prevent water from getting in. About 2 weeks later, I received an e-mail update from Sony stating that my device was on its way back to me and that I was correct in my assumption as the technicians had found rust caused by water shorting some components inside the device.

  • Ubuntu to Show Off Community Ports on OnePlus One & Sony Xperia Z1 at MWC ?
  • MultiROM Available for the Sony Xperia Z and OnePlus One;
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However, because it was me who used the device under water, they said the damage was my fault and was not covered under the warranty despite the device supposedly being able to withstand light water immersion. In case you are wondering, they also included the pictures of the water indicators being white in the report, which means that it was not really going in through a user-accessible area in other words, water did not go in because I did not follow directions.

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Since my phone had turned into a glass covered paper weight, I decided to sell it on eBay for spares as the screen and everything else was immaculate. Fast forward a few years, as it turns out most other people who suffered a similar fate did not sit idly and decided to file a Class Action lawsuit against Sony.

According to the settlement, there were 24 models affected ironically, the original Z is not listed as being one of them starting from the ZR, which was a close cousin of the original Z and going all the way to the Xperia Z5 , along with a few tablets as well. The settlement goes on to state that there are a few things that, if you were affected, you can opt for:.

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Most Active Sony Xperia Tablet Z Topics

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Sony Offers a Fix for Camera Distortion in Xperia XZ Premium via Oreo Update

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