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Following this, the Lumia would frequently be listed among the "elite" group smartphone during its time, otherwise populated by heavyweights from Apple and Samsung. This represented the first time a Windows Phone device had been considered to have powerful and impressive enough hardware to qualify as a truly high-end flagship device.

Many features such as the super-sensitive capacitive screen and wireless inductive charging were popularised by the device and were found in later high-end Android phones. The Lumia went on to win 12 awards. As some reviewers criticised the thickness and weight of the phone, Nokia released the Nokia Lumia , a lighter and thinner version of the Lumia with an aluminium body [15] and an improved camera.

The Nokia Lumia shares the "Fabula" design language of its predecessors, the Lumia and , as well as the Nokia N9 , with a unibody polycarbonate shell. The Lumia has a 1. The Lumia T variant for the Chinese market comes with a 1. The Lumia has a 4. The Lumia has Nokia's PureView technology on the rear camera, [23] featuring an optically stabilised 8. Pixel size is 1. The front camera encloses a 1.

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On September 6, , Nokia apologised for an advertisement showing a video supposedly shot from somebody holding a Lumia on a bike, but which was actually shot by somebody holding a camera in a van as it can be seen in the reflections on a window. The Nokia Lumia runs the Windows Phone 8 operating system. As with other Lumia devices, the includes Nokia-exclusive apps, such as Nokia City Lens , an augmented reality software that gives dynamic information about users' surroundings using the camera. It also includes Nokia's HERE suite of apps, which provide offline maps, worldwide turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation and public transit information.

On December 19, , Nokia started rolling out the Portico update for the Lumia and , which also included a firmware update for the with camera fixes and battery improvements. From August 16, , Nokia rolled out the Amber update, which is pre-installed on the Nokia Lumia and and includes several camera and performance improvements, to every Nokia device running Windows Phone 8. Notable features include an enhanced glance screen and a new camera interface as well as a new Storyteller app. There is a non-LTE model sold carrier-unlocked in Europe.

The Lumia is available from Rogers Wireless in Canada. In the UK, the Lumia was released on November 2, Nokia have reported that the device will lose the EE -exclusivity in the UK, and will be available on the Vodafone and 3 networks from January The initial stock market reaction to the Lumia and the Lumia , announced on the same day was immediately negative. The Nokia Lumia received mixed to positive reviews. Many critics noted the Lumia 's hardware as the first time a Windows Phone device could truly compete with the hardware of high-end Android and iOS devices.

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Critics praised the screen, camera and unique features of the device, while also criticizing the phone's heft and thickness. CNET rated it 4 stars out of 5, praising the screen, attractive design, great Nokia-exclusive apps and an enjoyable OS, while the negatives were the unimpressive battery life and heavy weight.

ExpertReviews gave the Lumia a rating of 5 out of 5. The cons were that it is relatively heavy and that Windows Phone 8 does not have as many apps as Android and iOS. Dan Nosowitz from Popular Science wrote: This is a phone I was really excited about! But I just can't recommend it. It's way too bulky, the battery life is lackluster, and Windows Phone 8 has some big problems on top of that.

It's not a bad phone; when you're swiping away through a gorgeous weather or news app, you completely forget its shortcomings, and it's nicely priced. But there are better phones out there. Adam Z. Lein from Pocketnow wrote: The hardware, the screen, the camera, the sound quality, the video stabilization, and Nokia's custom apps are all extremely impressive. The pricing is pretty great too. The only negatives for me are really the large size and lack of user-replaceable battery. Everything else on this phone is top notch. David Phelan from The Independent wrote "This is arguably the best smartphone Nokia has built, and probably the most advanced phone available.

It mixes solid reliability with moments of surprise and delight. Sam Biddle from Gizmodo wrote: No you shouldn't. It's too big and heavy. It's not fun to own. It's not enjoyable to use.

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But this? No, not this. However, Luke Hopewell from Gizmodo Australia wrote in reply: Sam said that the phone is too heavy to even contemplate living with, and that's almost true.

If you can get past the weight of the device, you're in for a treat. The weight is almost beneficial when it comes to taking photos, to be honest. It makes it easier to stabilise. Dieter Bohn from The Verge wrote: On January 10, , Nokia released preliminary financial information for Q4 , saying that it had sold more than 4.

On Amazon 's bestseller list, the Lumia has, as of November , become the best-selling phone of the week, with different colour options taking the number one, two and four spots. On November 23, , it was reported that the device has had 2. In comparison, that is more than the entire previous Lumia range , , , sold in the whole of the third quarter of According to the technology blog BGR , "recent discussions with two United Kingdom operators reflect an emerging consensus that the Lumia is fading fast in Europe, while the low-end Lumia is sparking a lot of early interest".

The Lumia received 12 media awards in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Nokia Lumia Nokia Lumia See also: Archived from the original on Retrieved Seeking Alpha. November 9, My Nokia Blog. Microsoft Mobile. Windows Central. Mobile Nations. September 5, Microsoft Devices Blog. November 16, Nokia Lumia hardware". All About Windows Phone. When facing this lumia data loss issue, you can firstly check whether your Lumia has been synced with Zune in your computer or not.

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If you have, you can recover Lumia data from the backup made by that software. If not, you need to find a data recovery program to Recover Photos from Nokia Lumia Nokia Lumia can be connected with computer and recognized as a hard drive on your computer. This means that a data recovery program that is able to recover data from hard drive can help you. Recoverit Data Recovery for Windows or Recoverit Data Recovery for Mac is such a program that is capable of recovering photos, music and videos from your Lumia Any kind of new data could overwrite your lost photos.

If you are a Mac user, you can also complete the recovery in similar steps with Mac version. Please do not save the recovered photos back to your Lumia immediately after the recovery. Otherwise the lost photos might be overwritten. Lost Data on your Samsung Computer or Device? The following 3 Samsung Recovery Solutions should help you get your lost data.

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