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First came performance improvements. Then online multiplayer.

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Then control options, and display options, and even the ability to choose your preferred region in certain games. Even the frequent bugbear of Genesis emulation, the audio, saw steady improvements.

Free Streets of Rage Classic unleashed on Android, iOS - Tech News | The Star Online

There are a lot of great soundtracks on the Genesis, but no one could make its sound chip sing quite the way Koshiro could, and Streets of Rage 2 is proof of that. As I often do when it comes to these mobile ports, I busted out several other versions of the game that I already own for comparison.

The results? Friends, SEGA did pretty well here. There remains one problem that has been here from the start and seems to persist no matter how much the developer improves things. Sega has announced that local, cross-platform multiplayer functionality will also be added to the Sega Forever versions of Golden Axe and Altered Beast in the coming weeks.

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One of the best parts of Streets of Rage was the ability for two players to play at the same time. Online play would be nice, but this is a great start. The other new extra is an interesting one. You can watch ads to earn extra continues or rocket launcher attacks, effectively giving you a leg up should you find the game too challenging.

While that game had its two-player mode stripped out and was limited to only a handful of enemies on-screen at once, Streets of Rage reveled in its two-player simultaneous mode and crowded encounters.

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Streets of Rage offered eight. Main character Axel looks like an off-brand Cody, and many of the enemies are a little too close to those seen in Final Fight for comfort. Each character has one attack button, a jump button, and a limited ability to call in a rocket launcher strike from a nearby squad car.

Smashing obstacles on the streets will reward you with items including health pick-ups, weapons, extra lives, and so on.