Move android apps to sd card no root required

Just look for the apps that you want to move to your SD card. When you use this method to transfer an app to your SD card, only a large percentage of it will be transferred. This is going to save you a decent amount of space.

Step 1 – Convert External memory card to internal storage

You can also link the apps that come pre-installed on the phone like Google Play services and Google Play Store. If you want to move a particular app to your SD card, you have to follow some steps.

How to Move Apps to SD Card on Android Phone without Rooting

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Move Apps To SD Card From Internal Memory on Any Android Phone

Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Reply 3 years ago. Now you can type "pm set-install-location 2" Verify the new destination with "pm get-install-location". I followed your guide, and as i enter get-install-locaiton, I get 2 [external] - so everything should be fine.

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Thing though is that when I install, it installs on the internal memory. Tried on android 4. I'm not sure why. Excuse me, the apps are installed on my Samsung S7 Edge, But the task takes too long, about half an hour.

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Do this prior to doing any ADB shell command Preferably when you first get ur phone Will study steps and report back with either a thumbs up or new tutorial. By RIU Follow. More by the author: I like to make things! Have you ever ran low on memory space on your android and had to delete some apps? With a computer and a micro SD card you don't have to worry about running out of space on your phone any more! You don't even need to root your phone!

After this, your phone will automatically install apps to your external memory.

How to Move Apps to SD Card in Android

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How to Install Apps Onto Your SD Card (No Root)

I followed all the instructions for mac and on the terminal screen i get an error on the second command Error: Package android does not belong to Bens-Mac-mini: TimS TheBenn0 Reply 2 years ago. Hey Ben, "Error: ArcherF swaugh Reply 3 years ago. What do? Kimtaro 2 years ago.