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You can choose what level you wish to be on. Good luck. This question has been successfully answered and closed. Question Status Are career perks and items gained through promotion etc. Answered Is there a way to resurrect dead sim without join science career? Answered Is there a way for leveling floors?

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Unresolved I can't enter my cheat into the cheat box? Unresolved Is there a cheat to decrease a Sim's age?

Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? Are career perks and items gained through promotion etc. Is there a way to resurrect dead sim without join science career? Is there a way for leveling floors? I can't enter my cheat into the cheat box? All you need is the game! Display the Sims 3 console by pressing the following key combination: Having problems? Once the console is open, enter the Sims 3 cheat code shown below, followed by the Enter key, enabling whatever it is you're cheating your way to!

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This Sims 3 cheat code simply displays a list of cheat codes that can be used in the game. This is probably the most valuable Sims 3 cheat of all!

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This cheat code will return the Sim that you name within the code to a safe and neutral state at home. The normal setting for this cheat is true. If you enter this code with the false variable then you will be able to raise or lower the floor, even if there are walls, flooring, and other objects attached to it. This Sims 3 cheat will, when set to on, prevent objects from snapping to slots while you hold the Alt key.

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The use of this cheat determines if objects will fade as the camera gets close to them. This Sims 3 PC cheat, when set to off, will prevent you from seeing the talk or thought bubbles above Sim's heads. This cheat code will display a random joke within the cheat console. Gotta wonder how much free time those Sims 3 PC developers had on their hands!

Use of this code with a setting greater than zero 0 is normal, 8 is slowest will slow down the visuals within the game.

The Sims 3 Cheats (PC)

This does not affect the in-game time. That's essentially how you enable it, but it does so much more than just enable one neat feature or hack in the game. Using the 'testingCheatsEnabled true' cheat allows a number of options to become available to you. Many of these options are available either by typing in additional codes after the code has been activated, or by Shift-clicking different items to see more options.

Here is a brief run-down of what you can do with this cheat. What you're doing here is essentially putting the Sims 3 PC game into debug mode. When this cheat is active you can modify needs, lock needs, shift-click the mailbox to change careers and more. Here are a number of them that you might find really useful in the game:. Most of the options above should be pretty self-explanatory.

The Sims 3 Android Cheats Gameplay

I suggest toying around with these options for a little while to see what you can do. Shift-clicking where you work will bring up a couple of options as well. These come in real handy when you're looking to get a raise, be promoted, or otherwise further your career:. Force event simply forces an event to happen, like someone bringing donuts to the police station.