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    Solitaire Collection. DVD Player Hover! Mahjong Minesweeper. Microsoft development tools. Analysis Reporting Integration Notification. This is a function of total downloads versus total available apps in that category. In the last update, Productivity had more than double the opportunity of any other category, but this quarter it falls to the sixth spot. If your goal is to reach the maximum number of downloads possible, analyze these categories to understand which one presents the highest potential for your apps.

    Index of average number of downloads per app in each Windows Store category Worldwide, October-December The Games subcategory data also allows us to take a look at which subcategories have the most opportunity. Simulation moves to the number two spot, while Sports and Role playing enter the top five for the first time. As previously noted, the Word and Fighting subcategories are under-represented, which limits the number of downloads and represents a good opportunity for developers.

    Index of average number of downloads per app in each Games subcategory in the Windows Store Worldwide, October-December While downloads are increasing across all markets this reporting period, the top markets remain static. And with the addition of the new IARC age rating system this period, it has never been easier to offer your app in every Store market. This graph reflects the total number of paid transactions generated by each market, including both paid apps and in-app purchases.

    How to Monitor Network Usage in Windows 8

    This information is useful if you plan to monetize through paid apps or in-app purchases. Language is a key driver of downloads and adoption, and should be taken into consideration along with markets. We see some realigning of the top languages this quarter with the release of Windows 10 for mobile. For example, Russian rises to the number four spot, while Mandarin drops to ninth. English remains in the top spot, but the percentage of overall Store customers downloading apps in languages other than English has increased: