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Sakil Rana wrote. Guest wrote. I appreciate this program. Write a review. Rate the app: Submit review. Don't miss interesting stories. Updated Opera Mini for Android performs minimal compression News. Browsers, Browsers in My Phone: Winamp is returning in News. Facebook says that outside apps haven't been hacked News. The Android version of Gmail can now undo sent emails News. Similar apps. We even support background downloading when you have a download running but need to open another application!

Available on Android versions 7. Everyone is individual, so we let you choose whether to always open the browser with a new tab or to continue browsing where you left off, and to choose to close or preserve your open tabs when you exit the browser. Give yourself access to all your bookmarks, Speed Dial shortcuts and open tabs from your other devices with Opera. Opera on Android can now easily sync with the Opera browser for computers.

Add any website directly to your device's home screen to access it even faster. Sites like Facebook can even send you push notifications, just like the app. Do more with Opera: To learn more, see: Twitter — http: By downloading this application, you are agreeing to the End User Licence Agreement at https: Also, you can learn how Opera handles and protects your data in our Privacy Statement at https: Reviews Review Policy. Thanks for choosing Opera!

New changes: View details. This started about a month ago!!!! This web browser sucks. Very slow. Waste of space. Wouldn't advise any1 to download it. Seriously dissappointed. Since that last update, I can't play flash on my phone anymore. Why would a browser will need camera access like every little stupid program wants to access the camera to take pictures and video. Stupid app. Image not upload. View page directly problem. Used to be fast and load flash videos well, now lags, force closes and cannot play flash. This browser has gone from being awesome to awful.

If you're looking for a comfortable web browser - look elsewhere. Tiny-tiny address bar, microscopic control buttons, unintuitive tab management - everything screaming about failure. This app is garbage. I have uninstalled n reinstalled like 20 times. Keeps foreclosing and takes forever to load.

Its fast but too aggraving. Eat my ram and sometime not responding Fix it. Put my phone to sleep with browser open come back and phone is frozen. Can only turn off. Causes phone to reboot while surfing. Doesnt reboot any other time. Not efficient with memory. Phone crashes everytime I open 3 tabs.

Samsung Galaxy Ace. Forceclosed as soon as i opened it. Switching back to dolphin. It takes so much of time to load the page. I can't even get it to open after installing. Can't even get it to run after installing. Is it just mine or does it for everypage become formatted by Google if it is just me how do you fix it and if its not could you please update and give me a choice whether i want it formatted by google or not as i find it annoying clicking the link at the bottom of each page to view the direct page.

Pages will not open a new tabs, Pages often load very slowly, Pinch zoom doesn't always work. Not a fan of dolphin but it works better than opera.

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Does not work at all crashes before it starts. Hangs at the splash screen in perma-load mode. This app was my favorite browser but I am sick of getting errors so I have to uninstall it. With this latest update [ It hosed all my bookmarks, too, with one of the crashes. On LG Optimus V the browser closes immediately when trying to launch it. No error messages; just a blank white screen that appears for half a second. It still keeps crashing everytime I visit a webpage Please fix Loading is very slow and new tab is overlapping with existing content until its fully loaded Best Mobile browser ever Until last update Now it goes down quicker than a two dollar hooker at a prison rodeo It works amazingly on my HTC Wildfire!

Great app for mobile nd Pc both always! But plz improve your download option in this beautiful app Some times its cancelled due to Network Plz fixed this problem like dolphin web browse Nd thankx for this nice app The past few updates is giving me problems. Seems like even the new updated opera still crashes especially when multiple tabs are opened.

Please fix this!!!! The stock browser handles many webpages such as Facebook, whereas this one crashes for my evo 3d and messes with its operation. You have to press the return key several times to exit. Pressing the exit button constantly asks are you sure. Many web sites messages areas at the bottom of pages are not even rendered. This is cr p people. Going back to Boat Mini.. Uninstalling this garbage Great job I have a LG Optimus One. Everytime I attempt to open it it goes white and automatically exits. Used to be the best. Now it force closes constantly. Utterly useless now. I don't like the "it can read personal sensitive data".

When i open third tab it stop working and close. Force closing.. Highly dispointed with download. Everytim its gave me error authentication failed even with a proper network. I had to uninstalled. I was wondering if any if these browsers were better than Dolphin. The answer is NO.

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Flash won't enable. No settings to clear history on exit. Not very useful and not that fast. Firstly, when I open the app it says force close the first time I press on it. Then when I go on Facebook, its a horrible web page design, the font are all different sizes which makes it look bulky. And when I try turn 'Turbo' on it slows down the speed.

Its new update is not opning.. This was the best mobile browser but over the past couple of updates and especially after the last two I can't bear using it anymore. It freezes and force closes constantly it s more than just a pain. I never liked firefox mobile but now I use it along dolphin which is good because they are both consistently stable.

I uninstalled opera right before this review. When u minimize it.. Great browser!!! Really fast!!! Luv it!!! Just installed the lhe latest version and it immediately crashes upon launch. Great browser, but the latest update wants to collect my urls and bookmarks? Too intrusive. Crashes a lot. Please fix the problem.

Page takes decades to load!.. Poor browser. It crash, then my phone hang. Slow please fix that. It crashes frequently and can be agonizingly slow at times. The only reason I keep it is that it is the only browser that I can get text reflow to work on stock epic 4g touch and tab 2, both with ics. Great at first. Smooth and quick. But after a month Unistalled and I'm back to give it one more try from fresh. Its not fast at all and opera Turbo does nothing noticeable so stick with chrome.

But Opera has some problems. One is using Google's images. Unable to change preference and other options. Prior to the last update it was great, now it crashes or looses tabs frequently. Seems to be when multiple desktop tabs are open it decides it doesn't want to work anymore and exits, losing all tabs with it.

Cant browse thru tabs and choose one. Droid charge. I like it but sometimes quiting when i surfing on the net Whenever I play a flash movie, the whole browser freezes and then force closes. I thought it was only a one time occurrence but it kept happening every time I try to play a flash movie. Please fix, it's a very nice browser overall. Has anybody else lost the ability to paste text? Suddenly long-presses on input fields just come up with "Input method" and no other options.

Many other browsers pick this up Not Opera Though: Surfing seems to slower than the stock browser. But when switching to the opera task, everytime the browser has to be started again, the page has to be reloaded again and session is lost, and starting takes tooo much time, TERRIBLE!!!! Sometimes open Yahoo News using Opera Browser will be hang there forever till I kill and remove apps from task manager. I can't use this app on a network connection such as 3G! How freak! New version broken Was amazing and my fav but lately has been crashing around often.

FIX IT!!! Used to be best browser when on 3g until last update. I've been forced to use the stock browser ugh! It works good. You just need to stop putting the zoom in the settings. Also people want a mobie browser that can play at any website. Last is that don't make a mouse cursor if the phone is touch unless the phone has keyboard. Crashes frequently across many different sites without warning. Samsung Droid Charge. Not as quick and simple as Chrome but thought I'd try it as an alternative as Chrome takes way too much space.

Can't get get wikipedia to and other sites to display anymore correctly in the overview bookmark pages. Crashes a lot too now. What happened to Opera? Uninstalled, use Dolphin now. Cashes randomly when there's multiple loading tabs open. Need an update. Size is too big why? Opera Mobile crashes in between browsing after the last update. It also takes a hell lot of time to start-up. When browser reloads tab contents must be re-downloaded regardless of how many tabs are open.

It's a huge problem if you are reading a long blog or online published literature with long chapters as the page resets to the top. Browser also reloads if opera mobile gets pushed out of the most recently used apps list even if you were using opera mobile less than 5 minutes ago from switching between apps mb free. Crushing too often. Search field isn'nt highlighted as default. Cant download a file as low as mb at a stretch even if kept overnight.. The same links were downloaded flawlessly on Dolphin and Android browser..

Moreover downloads in Dolphin and Android never stops, even if we exit browser.. Opera mobile really sucks at this.. Big time sucks. Three dot menu always shows but doesn't do anything. Used to work fine, now it crashes very often. Hard to work with. Most powerful mini browser. Everything what i need.

You want a browser that isn't triggered by unknown shortcuts, this is the one. You blog and shop online? This is the best browser for Asus. Opera used to be my go-to browser on mobile devices, but it has become flaky of late. Not force closes, mind you, just exits and returns to the Android home screen, as if I hit the exit button to close the app.

But just barely. Has a difficult time understanding input, so the keyboard disappears when you are inputting text. More than two tabs sucks massive memory resources so Opera freezes, not even a FC. And no way to turn it into desktop mode. On HTC one series, the 3-dot button remains displayed at the bottom on the screen, taking space whilst the button has no functionality Could be a great browser but its not.

Delayed reaction when clicking a search result is annoying. App looks good but is no better than others. The default fonts are WAY too small on a Always crashed when ever i tried to open a dekstop site. The download speed is slow. Always freezes at some particular site. Always crash when i try to play youtube video on facebook. No download resume. Decrease the app size. Flowing style browsing feels irritating. After the upgrade it now crashes, freezes and a lot slower.

Please fix it keeps force closing and not opening. It works well for me. Easy to use and faster than dolphin and follows web standards with html 5.

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No flash but flash is dead so who cares. Their is no android user agent and my sd card removes unsuspectedly when running opera. Keeps force closing.. I have installed this version it is so cool. The newest version crashes frequently on me, previous versions were rock solid. Please fix!!! Black bar with vertical dots is annoying please update for ics. Only does it with this browser, other browsers don't do it.

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Crashes every time Was awesome but it slows down and wont load images. It keeps on crashing every nxt minute Been using this on my galaxy tab 7. Forced closed after updating. Your browser is really great one in every platform I really love your browser. But only problem from keeping you browser as one and only main browser in my device is it's always problem is popular site Its an head paining browser Pages open in overview so constant zooming needed.

Other quirks Uh, yeah that's why I pressed exit. Running this on my Inspire with Android 4. Never use to but now all of a sudden it does. I've uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times and still does. I love this browser and its only 1 I use. Plz fix this. Why does not opera mobile implement hardware acceleration as in mini? Since the last couple updates, the amount of crashes seems to have increased. Some websites make the whole app hang.

Keep saying no connection with the server? Please update your app to conform to Android 4. Your app is wasting screen space for the soft menu button. Crashes alot Pleasessssssssssssssss Fix it Opera mini it's sam time very eror bat it's good: Cant u guys improve google page Fully stupid app,,, Hate it evry tym dis app was automatic close,,,.

Needs an updated UI for tablets like the Nexus 7, hard to use in comparison to Dolphin for example. I want to use Opera as I use it on everything else but as of right now it is awkward to use. It do not view pages in Android style but normal style Not opening some website. It keeps saying check the connection Every time it crash else it works fine but these crashes spols my whole mood please do some thing.

The time it takes to open itself kills it.

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Good experience for me much better than opera mini also support flash file's. The fine part of opera mobile is that you can save images directly from websites without downloading them The downside-everything else. It is slow, has an awful download manager and crashes every other second I have never seen anything as unstable as this It would surely get the guinesse record for the most black outs!! Have been a massive opera fan for many years on desktop and many mobiles, but its so unstable now, constantly closing.

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Unusable sadly. Its a great and fast browser, but there was some web page that I cant zoom, so I cant read the text. And when I did multitasking like chat, sms, open other apps, etc, the browser is restart and reload the page I move to other browser Was good once but now it's lagging like hell. Don't know what happened, now it stats telling me that it can't connect to server on several different pages.

Other browsers work fine. Even opera mini works on them. Crashing all the time Was using Opers for more than a year Installed Dolphin hd nw my data connection is working great as before , so devs fix Opera! I really gave this browser a good try. After a month of use I found it to be no better than the stock browser. Not worth the download If you have to have another browser, use dolphin. Galaxy tab 8. Also, why does it start on page overview, makes forum browsing tedious. Only thing why I'm using this is the dynamic text wrapping.

Boat browser offers dynamic text reflow and does not force page overview, changed to that one instead! Previously, I used opera a lot but the inexplicable auto-complete and inability to select and delete text in the address bar on ICS makes it almost unusable. Good when it doesn't crash though. So before ICS this was an amazing browser. Since my phone updated to ICS i can barely use it anymore. Constant FC and every flash site freezes. Please fix this, this was by far the best Android browser available before the update - Droid Razr.

I love Opera for java based phones but this app crashes on startup on my Virgin Mobile Venture. Sorry Opera, love you guys but the Venture is both largely common and old enough that the app should support this phone!!! Lg spectrum. Opera randomly exits with no save or history of recent pages. Switched to maxthon. Loads pages fast and goes down even faster. Frequent crashes on my Xperia arc running on ICS I loved this app but now a days it's just too unstable.. Time to change browser. Not Too mch Good,, Uc is better than opera. It Force Closes each time I try to open it!

I haven't been able to use this app for the last 6hrs Is there an update coming. This update were supposed to fix crash and i still get fc on fresh cm9. We have only 'status bar' option in settings, but there is no way to run in FS! I switched to Opera mini and have been happier with mini. Aside from the crashes, Opera mobile would be great. Used to be the best browser without any competition. Filled with issues across the board.

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This browser is so brilliant, yet is now held back by all of the current issues it has. My overall impression is that Chrome is much faster. Too sneaky. Getting quite fed up with it crashing all the time. Always seems to crash when an app asks to redirect to a browser, opens opera and loads the page but a few seconds later it just seems to disappear from memory and close, no error report popup or anything!! It is kinda slow. The new update is great but , you need to fix it.

I try to scroll down and it won't let me! It also freezes a lot. Why is so choppy? Very choppy scrolling,fix it! I have problem with this apps its always show me installing but its not work I don't know why because in the past its okey I hope this problem will fix and find the reasons. Opera mobile won't loading when the 1st time screen orientation is landscape.

But when it turn to portrait, turn back to normal. And yes, still forced closed randomly when I open more than 6 tabs It used to be the best browser ever. However,since the latest update, end of May , it keeps crashing and randomly closing.

When you reload the software after an abrupt exit, it presents some tabs that were open earlier than the crash, like if it goes back in time. But this seems to be a bit random, I can never predict which tabs will still be open after re-loading -it's like kinder surprise!

Great browser, but recent version crash a lot on my 4. It gets stuck for no reason and just meh. Tired of using this already! Download it and all it's blank, so to me its a scam!! Was good till it started hijacking my defaults. This was the coolest browser, now just plain sucks. Wanted to give this 5 stars but it doesn't load the proper Google mobile site just a basic version. Hope you can make it compatible with the better Google mobile site soon. Quite like it but it crashes like crazy. Samsung galaxy s Crashing after update! Please fix It, otherwise five starts. Runs slowly with multiple tabs open, and the "Start screen" option has stopped working for me again, after a 3rd reinstall for the same reason.

Bht bura lga hme to Isse bura kabhi nhi dekha.. The zoom feature doesn't help. It needs text size setting too. I like it other than that. Keeps closing on its own and hanging while loading Web pages. Ill be back and rate it for 5 star if opera team will make ang adobe flash support for this great browser i love opera but still need for them to have flash support for online streaming. It was okay for some time after I downloaded it first, then, a few updates later, after loading a page, it becomes blank.

It's okay as long as it's loading. Force closes without warning. Takes forever to get past the splash screen. Sometimes it doesn't even get past the splash. Played around with it a bit and seem to work fine. Received a call and the phone suddenly locked up. I couldn't get it to recover without taking the battery out and rebooted it. That was a first I've had to do that. Uninstalled Opera Mobile immediately and everything worked fine.

It use to b perfect bit now it just don't work at all.