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Halfbrick Studios. Bubble Shoot Pop bubbles and beat your way through various challenges and boards to be top player. Candy Crush Saga Smash colorful treats to meet goals and beat levels to get the highest web score.

Fruit Ninja vs Skittles

Bubble Shooter Take down colorful fruit bubbles in this classic multilevel game full of online shooting action. Criminal Case Search for clues and solve cases in this mysterious online game that makes you think.

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Toy Blast Match three game with fun levels and challenges for kids and all ages to enjoy. Scribblenauts Unlimited A Puzzling Adventure. Fruit Ninja was released for iPhone on April 20th. A few months later, it made its way to iPad, Android, and Windows Phone.

Touchscreens were still novel in and nothing felt quite as satisfying or natural as slicing fruit with your fingers. This was only the beginning. Fruit Ninja's overnight success took the entire studio by surprise, but there was no time to rest on our laurels. Fruit Ninja had its first update less than one week after launch, introducing new fruit, a high score marker, and the ability to slice more than one fruit at a time.

It was the first of many.

This is the question that guided the Fruit Ninja team as they continued work on the game after release. There was plenty of room for improvement, and the team knew it. No bombs, no lives - just fruit! Zen Mode was created in direct response to player feedback. It was simple, accessible, and a great alternative to the pressures of Classic Mode.

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November, saw the addition of Arcade Mode, a faster and more intense take on the Fruit Ninja experience. It was a huge hit with fans, introducing over-the-top power-ups, blitzes, and a more forgiving life system. Watch the Arcade Mode trailer.

Fruit Ninja: Five Fruitful Years

This photo was taken to celebrate 1 million sales of Fruit Ninja. Many of the people you see here are still at Halfbrick today!

The Ninja that cuts fruit... and Skittles!

By the end of , the game was going strong with over 4 million downloads and glowing reviews. But the party was just getting started Fruit Ninja FX brought a blast of excitement to the arcade world with juicy fruit slicing action for players. The arcade units, created by Adrenaline Amusements, are available to play in arcades across US and Europe. The pomegranate blasted its way into Classic and Arcade mode in June, allowing players to get even higher scores with its multi-slice madness and explosive capabilities.

At the time, it was described as the "biggest and baddest fruit we've ever added. Kinect's motion tracking took fruit slicing to a whole new level of immersion.

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YOU became the ninja. As a tie-in to the Puss In Boots movie, this standalone game featured Bandito mode, a series of mini-games, along with our 1 most requested addition — the tomato! Highly addictive, global phenomenon Fruit Ninja already has a loyal following of million users, with the aim of the game being to slice fruit, or in this case Skittles, with a blade controlled via a touch pad.

This latest addition to the Fruit Ninja family builds on the existing game with exciting new and exclusive content created just for Skittles. Hannah Collings, marketing manager of Confections for Wrigley says: We understand our fans and with them spending up to 16 hours a week gaming on their phones, this is the perfect way to engage with them and simultaneously drive sales.