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I was able to subscribe by going to the team's calendar on the league site, clicking a Calendar Feed button, and then choosing iCal. You can also subscribe to a calendar manually on your iPhone. My go-to view is the month view but with the list underneath that shows me the events I have scheduled for today or any day I highlight in the calendar.

I like seeing each day's events at a glance better than having to tap to see each day's schedule of events. Either way, the Calendar app is good at showing you the month or the day. What about if you want to take a look at your week coming up? Well, there's a secret week view.

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Just rotate your iPhone into landscape mode. Landscape-mode week view! For events that you created as opposed to subscribed events , there's an easier way to reschedule them than opening the event, tapping Edit and then using the dials to change the date or start and end times.

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From the day view or the week view, tap and hold on an event until its shading turns darker. Once it's darker, you can drag it and drop it on its new day and time.


You can also drag the just top or bottom of the time block to change just the start or end time. How to set up Google's two-step verification: For the time being this is necessary, because there currently is not a direct toggle to show or hide holidays in the Calendar app on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Pull up your Calendar app in iOS and you should now see the holidays visible as they are in the screen shot below:. Note this sample screenshot shows holidays twice while in list view or day view because the feed has been subscribed to directly as outlined above, but also synced from the Mac as outlined in the next step.

Do one or the other, not both, unless you want holidays to show up twice like this. The simplest way to get your respective countries holiday calendar is to use 2nd option outlined above, syncing the holidays from your Mac to your iOS device. The Apple Calendars page has several to choose from, and this link from the UK has bank holidays available to download. We got a few questions about this after showing how to access the new List View in iOS 7. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!

Enter your email address below:. It merely lists holidays and gives the option to share the list but not with calendar.

Here is the correct way. You can enable or disable your subscribe in your Calendar. Here is source for the info and there is HK holidays ics links.

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I only want certain holidays. How do we do that? The challenge is getting a calendar to add to ical that includes national holidays and holidays the user celebrates. If you could actually delete the stupid holidays, this would be fine. Displaying US holidays on iPhone Calendar has nothing to do with the weather, snow, or snowflakes, unless it happens to snow on Christmas or New Years Eve, which is more coincidental than anything. You can always add your own event to a date and have it repeat every year, that is one way to set the holiday a user celebrates on the iPhone Calendar.

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Birthdays and holidays are automatically added to your calendar so you'll never miss an opportunity to celebrate. You can also add other calendars, including weather or sports team schedules.

If you have multiple accounts, you can also choose to hide birthdays associated with one of your accounts. If the person is in your Google Contacts, you can edit or remove the person's birthday from the People or Contacts app on your phone, or from google. Then, you can add specific people's birthdays to your Google Contacts to see them in Calendar.

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It isn't currently possible to add birthdays from Facebook to the Google Calendar app. Instead, choose one of the options below to create a new birthday. If you're using Google Calendar on your computer, you can also add other calendars, like weather and sports. Once you add them on your computer, they'll also show up in the Google Calendar app.

To see other kinds of calendars, like the Lunar calendar or Hebrew calendar, open Google Calendar on a computer.