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In both games there are power-ups to collect, coins to spend on extra characters and perks, and a constant revolving door of sub-missions to wearily tick off.

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Just like every other game of this type. We've been pretty light on details here, and that's because there's really nothing much to discuss.

These are two of the most generic, mediocre endless-runners we've played in recent times - and we've played more than a few. There's a third game coming soon entitled Avoid The Parent, and the chances are we'll soon have three bog standard endless-runners bundled up in one licensed package.

monsters university - A monsters university theme.

To anyone who uses the, "but it's not for you - it's for the kids who watched the film and bought the action figure" excuse, we'd simply direct your attention to the splendid Toy Story: Smash It! Which, to use our opening analogy, could be likened to the smart, self-assured student that everybody likes. It gets our vote for class president, while Monsters University is destined to be that one whose name you can never remember.

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Update on: Similar to Free Monster University Inc. Lulubox-Free Skin for Mobile Legends 2. AxE 0.

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Snack Lover 1. Newscat - Baca Berita dan Hasilkan Uang 1. It completely engages you and provides lots of fun!

This game features 2 mini-games; Cache Archie and Toxicity Challenge. Both the games focus around running. The first mini-game, Cache Archie is a runner game, similar to the most popular Temple Run game.

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The main goal of this game is to catch the scare pig. Players will have so many hazards along their way. This game features 30 exciting stages to play!