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Today we conduct a comprehensive video review where you can get a sense on what Kobo for iPad and the iPhone brings to the table. We show off ebooks, collections and audiobooks. Kobo for iOS has three different major aspects. It has a home screen that shows you the books you have recently added to the app or have downloaded.

Kobo iPad App Video Review

Audiobooks and ebooks are boh in their own sections and you can create collections and showcase them on the homescreen. The Books section has all of the titles that are available to download from the Kobo Cloud, which includes samples. It can be downloaded again, since all purchased are stored in the cloud.

When you are looking at an ebook you can read in portrait mode or landscape.

Kobo eReading and audiobook app review for iOS – iPad and iPhone

There is a small dot on the bottom right side and it loads up a number of reading options. You can change the size of the font or the font type. There are five different background options, such as white, sepia, black and a myriad of colors that are supposed to mimic real paper. I was surprise that the reading options are rather limited on iOS. You cannot sideload in your own fonts or just the line spacing or margins, which are all things that their dedicated e-readers allow you to do. If you hold down on a specific word you are presented with a dictionary that automatically pops up and looks it up.

You can highlight multiple words and highlight them with a bunch of different colors. You can also type up notes or leave a bookmark. The audiobook player is new and just came to the app a few months ago.

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It has a number of options, aside from just playing an audiobooks. Kobo's ebooks will also work with Adobe Digital Editions for viewing on PC and Mac computers, not to mention just about every dedicated ebook reader on the market. And now there's a Kobo app for the Apple iPad too.

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  • Kobo iPad App Review?

But that's not all. Kobo recently announced the Kobo eReader , their own brand of dedicated ebook reader that comes with the Kobo software installed.

Font Sizes

Look for Kobo to be in the ebook war for a long time to come. The Kobo iPad app has 9 different font sizes to choose from, and four font types: Georgia, Baskerville, Trebuchet, and Verdana. An example of the smallest and largest fonts are displayed below. The Kobo iPad app allows for some customization in they way the bookshelf view appears shown at the top of the page.

Kobo eReading and audiobook app review for iOS – iPad and iPhone

You can change the the background of the shelves and change what type of bookmarks you want, from a dead fish to a stretched out weiner dog. In book view, there are options to alter the appearance of page turn animations and to turn on and off Kobo Styling, which usually removes spaces between paragraphs and changes text type and size. Presently there aren't any options to change text or background color, with the exception of night reading mode, with white text on a black background.

Adjusting screen brightness helps with this setting on. The image at the very top of this page is the default layout for the Kobo iPad app, and there's also a list view as well. Sorting options include, title, author, and recently read.