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  • [Update: Game Released] Joe Danger is planning to make the journey to Android devices this year;
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More From Gaming. Call of Duty has a single-player campaign. You'll need to keep one eye on the road ahead and another on what's whizzing by as the helmeted hero zips down the track. A tap pops bubbles to free the coins within, while obstacles need a sharp jab to get them out of Joe's way.

There are three objectives which vary from stage to stage: Finishing a stage is enough to advance to the next, but later level groups will only unlock when you've earned a certain number of medals. Not that such roadblocks delay you for long.

The game is based on iOS hit Joe Danger Touch

Indeed, there's a constant sense of progression: The difficulty curve is perfectly judged, levels steadily increasing in complexity until your fingers are a blur, tapping and swiping in a frenzy to change lanes, duck under barriers, wheelie through mud patches and somersault over shark-infested pools. There's never quite the same rhythm to mastering a stage as there is in, say, Rayman Jungle Run. Here, there's more room to express yourself - if you fancy pulling an endo as you cross the finish line, you can.

But beyond that, it's the abundance of things to tap and flick that makes even the most immaculate run feel frantic rather than fluid. You're always just one errant tap or swipe away from failure. But isn't that exactly how it should be in a game about a stuntman? You're careening through stages at breakneck speed, missing bumps, spikes and sharks by the skin of your teeth: The most exciting stunts are the ones where there's a genuine chance of something going wrong, and the later stages see you constantly, thrillingly, teetering on that knife-edge between joy and disaster, success and failure.

Still, the inherent slapstick in screwing up makes even the most difficult levels easier to persevere with.

App of the Day: Joe Danger Touch

It helps, of course, that's it's such a wonderfully happy game, with its characterful cartoonish looks and jaunty musical themes. There's only really one potential misstep: That might ruin the game as a high-score challenge, but I'd be surprised if Hello Games didn't have some kind of solution for any potential imbalance.

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  6. Joe Danger coming 'real soon' to Android?
  7. The million dollar question, of course is this: The App Store is such an unpredictable beast that it's difficult to tell, but it certainly deserves to. This is an iOS game of rare depth and substance, a bouncy, fun game split into moreish chunks that are easy to gobble down entirely in just a few sittings.

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    • Joe Danger Is Coming to Android Devices Soon.
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    We now have an official release date for Joe Danger finally! This game will be launching on Android this Friday, April 17th, We will post another update this Friday when it lands on both marketplaces.

    Joe Danger for Android release date! | Hello Games

    For those of you not familiar with Joe Danger , essentially you take control of this little daredevil on a dirt bike and proceed to pull of a variety of stunts as best as you can. You will have to deal with a plethora of hazards including fun things like shark-infested swimming pools and spike traps. For those of you who use controllers when playing your Android games, Joe Danger will come with full controller support.

    Joe Danger - First Look (Android Gameplay)

    However, the touch-based controls have been built specifically for this game which means you will be doing things like swiping to pull wheelies, hold to crouch and release to jump, tap to collect coin bonuses, and performing stunts with a swipe as well. Developer Website: